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Captain America’s Wakandan Shield is INDESTRUCTIBLE


Just under two years ago the Hacksmith released what would become the most watched video on the channel, Captain America’s electromagnetic shield.

Now sitting at over ten million views and the arrival of the much anticipated Infinity War, it was time for Hacksmith to return  and one up the channel’s most viewed project.   A lot has changed at Hacksmith since the original Captain America video (if you follow the channel closely you know all about it), new toys and resources means that just like the MCU everything this time round needed to be bigger and better. The project started over a month ago involving dozens of hours of CAD design, machining, testing, filming etc… and the result was… incredible (watch the video yourself to find out!).

Testing both the offensive and defensive capabilities of the shield, this is perhaps one of the most in depth test videos we have produced here at Hacksmith. From the traditional cinder block to roaring flames — Cap’s new shield is put to the ultimate test and if you are one of the hundreds of millions of people who have seen Infinity War and didn’t get your fill of Cap kicking names and taking ass then this is the video for you!

Now with more screen-time than Chris Evans!

Catching Real Lightning with Thor’s Hammer!

Catching lightning with Thor's Hammer

“I have got to be the first person to have ever called real lightning to Thor’s Hammer!”

In our latest attempt to Make it Real we traveled down to Dallas, Texas to visit Applied Tesla Technology — the manufacturers of some of the world’s LARGEST tesla coils. We brought with us a replica Mjolnir (also known as Thor’s Hammer) as well as a Captain America shield to attempt to recreate a few scenes from the Marvel Movies, such as Avengers, and Thor.

The Tesla Coil produces an astonishing 20′ long electrical arc — enough to kill a person almost instantaneously. Watch the video below to see how we did it!

Red Hot Rebar Firing Crossbow

I’ve wanted to do this project ever since I first saw it in Half Life 2, and subsequently, Garry’s mod. It’s the Resistance Crossbow. It’s likely one of our most accurate Make it Real projects yet, both in aesthetics, and functionality. It really works.

The Resistance Crossbow is a long-range sniper weapon featured in Half-Life 2 and Episodes. It is ruthlessly effective against distant, unsuspecting opponents, but is difficult to utilize in melee combat or against fast moving opponents due to its very slow reload and the low velocity of the projectile. The primary trigger fires a bolt; the secondary trigger zooms in on targets, the only weapon in the unedited Half-Life 2 with such a function.

We built it out of mostly scrap steel, using a leaf spring from a trailer as the limbs of the bow. Two contacts short a piece of rebar, which acts as a giant resistor (and ammunition). Upwards of 1000A @ 7.4V (that’s 7.4kW of electricity) flow through the rebar, heating it up within seconds. It has an estimated draw weight of around 180lbs, which is very high for a crossbow. But due to the weight of the bolts, they do not fly very far. Using a regular crossbow bolt it is terrifying.

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