Monday, January 26, 2015

Help Design Hacksmith Industries Contest

Hey guys!

We're going to be running a design competition for the new location of Hacksmith Industries! It's a big space, meaning we have lots of options of what we want to do with it...


First of all, bookmark this page. This post will be updated as more details come out!

The garage, as you know is a 1300sqft facility. 50' deep, 26' wide, 16' tall. I've begun modeling it in Solidworks and will be uploading a generic 3D file of the building -- so if you like CAD, you can start throwing in your own layouts of everything!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 -- The Year of The Hacksmith

Boy what a year it has been! I got a new job, moved back to my home town, and for the first time in my life -- I had my very own garage which helped allow many of my projects come to fruition!

I worked on some really cool projects, and did some really cool things. My exoskeleton project went somewhat viral, I started work on a really cool electric dune buggy, I gave a motivational speech to the students at my old high school, and I was even a semi-finalist in the Boca Bearings 2014 Innovation Competition! Oh and I was featured on the Daily Planet -- my favorite science TV show on the Discovery Channel!!!

Not to mention being on the front page of the local newspaper, and both local and national TV news stations!

I might even consider it one of my best years ever -- but 2015 is going to be amazing.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Daily Planet Feature!

I was on Daily Planet! Check out the behind the scenes video:

The full episode can be found at

Select Episode 171, there's a brief intro of me in the very beginning, and then my segment is after the first ad break (at about 14 minutes in).

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Awards Ceremony Keynote Speech

I recently had the honour of giving a motivational speech at my old high school. I think it went quite well, according to the feedback I received.

If you know any young people who might need some advice on post-secondary education, work, and life in general, please share! Full transcript below.