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We decided to go all-out and take as much sleep-assist technology as possible - and build the ultimate sleeping chamber thanks to Casper.

VIEWS: 2,800,000
COMMENTS: 10,000
LIKES: 68,000+

When 20th Century Fox asked us if we could recreate the umbrella from Kingsman, we said "Ummmm
OF COURSE! When do you want us to start?!"

VIEWS: 5,250,000
LIKES: 128,000+

We've made some of our most amazing projects using Tormach's CNC equipment! Our Lightsaber, Doom Fist & others have generated over 150,000,000 views on YouTube since July, 2016.

VIEWS: 150,000,000
LIKES: 1,500,000
COMMENTS: 96,000

Storyblocks wondered if it's possible to make a real-life lightsaber. We put their challenge to the test and came up with something pretty...HOT.

VIEWS: 9,600,000
LIKES: 181,000+

World Of Warships asked us to build a real-life railgun based on their awesome game. So of course, we did it! Because, why not?

VIEWS: 5,200,000
LIKES: 77,000+
COMMENTS: 7,200+

The super-talented team over at Next Games asked us if we could build the Rebar Crossbow from Half Life 2 - how could we possibly say no to demolishing the undead?

VIEWS: 4,200,000
LIKES: 83,000+

This piece of Elite Metal Tools equipment has helped us make many of our most famous projects such as: The Wakandan Shield, Han Solo's Blaster, The Blitz Shield, Frost Mourne, and more! It has been viewed in our videos over 19,000,000 times since April, 2018.

VIEWS: 35,000,000
LIKES: 500,000
COMMENTS: 48,000
VIEWS: 18,000,000
LIKES: 208,000+
COMMENTS: 11,800+

We wanted to create the world's heaviest Thor's Hammer. Thanks to our good friends at Vikings: War Of Clans, we made something pretty spectacular - and totally destructive.

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