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Have questions? The following are some of the most common ones that I get asked on my YouTube channel. If you still have a question after going through them, send me an email directly!

  • I want to be like you! How did you learn to do all this stuff? Where should I start? What tools do I need?
    I learned by doing. I’m almost completely self-taught and you can be too! I have always been interested in technology and started hacking from a young age; taking things apart, trying to fix things, trying to build things, following diy tutorials, reading tech articles etc. I don’t know everything, every project I do, I learn something new. The best way to learn is by doing! It doesn’t matter what you do so long as you start doing something. Take things apart and put them back together Try to fix something broken. If you fail, who cares… it was broken! Build something Follow a DIY tutorial Read tech related articles such as hackaday Etc The best way to start is with someone else’s tools and supplies. If you are in school, join a tech club. I did robotics competitions in high school. I can’t tell you what tools you need or what you need to learn because everyone’s passions are different. Just experiment and find what is right for you and you will learn along the way what resources you need. As for buying tools and supplies, Kijiji / Craigslist is one of the best places. Take your time and find the deals. There are many deals to be had if you are diligent and patient. I once got an entire storage locker full of tools (and a lot of garbage) for free. If you are just starting out, try searching for tool lots to get bulk discounts. If it isn’t on Kijiji, watch for sales. I rarely buy tools for full price. Don’t be afraid of doing some dumpster diving for materials; can’t beat the price. As for space, use what you have and grow it when you can. I started with a 30 sqft room in my parents basement. Once I moved out, I used my spare room and kitchen as my workshop. After that I rented a house with a small garage and after that I bought a house with a large garage. The growth has been exponential and I can’t wait to find out what I will get next!
  • What did you study in school?
    I studied Mechanical Systems Engineering at Conestoga College and received a Bachelors of Engineering. It was a co-op program and I’ve had years of work experience at a machine shop, an automation facility as a mechanical designer, and even as a product developer at a tech company. This is how I usually spent a typical day at school during my engineering degree…sometimes even caffeine wasn’t enough. Looks fun, huh? I was actually a lot of fun! I would strongly recommend Engineering to anyone. Take a co-op program; it is worth it.
  • How can I help?
    The easiest way is to watch, like and share my videos. Don’t forget about following & liking us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Contribute to my Patreon campaign. Every dollar counts but if you cannot afford it, then stick with the next option. Comment on the videos. I get a lot of inspiration from fans!
  • Can I buy ___ from you?
    No. We do not sell any of our creations for the following reasons: Everything we make is expensive and time consuming to produce. It would cost us more to make than anyone is willing to pay. Liability If you have an unreasonably large budget and are willing to sign a release form … then maybe
  • Can you give me / send me_____?
    Unfortunately no. If we were to build things and send them to all of our fans around the world then we would not have time or money to do anything else. We think that everyone would be happier if we focused our time on producing videos.
  • Can you give me instructions / designs / part list for ____?
    Check the description of the video. If there is nothing there then the answer is unfortunately no.
  • Can you help me with my project?
    Unfortunately no. If we helped everyone with their projects, we would not have enough time to work on our own.
  • Can I work for you?
    Maybe… Here are some conditions You must be local. Telecommuting is not possible at this time. You must be legally allowed to work in Canada i.e. be Canadian or have a valid work permit. You must be ready to work now i.e. if you are still in school, please apply once you have graduated or when you have an upcoming coop term. We do not know what positions will be available a few years from now so we cannot say that we will hire you in a few years. If those conditions are met, then check our careers page for any job postings.
  • Can I send you fan mail?
    Yes. You can send fan mail to the following address: the Hacksmith 605 Beaverdale Road Cambridge Ontario N3C2V3 Canada
  • I have a project Idea for you.
    Great! Send us an email (
  • Can I have a tour of your shop / meet you in person?
    We love meeting fans! Check our calendar and follow us on social media to see when we will be at events where you can meet us in person. Unfortunately we do not give tours of the shop. We wish we could but there are not enough hours in the day to accommodate everyone.
  • How do you make money
    We make money in a number of ways but primarily YouTube ad revenue, Sponsorships and Patreon. Generally, the more views we get, the more money we make. YouTube generally pays ~ $1 for every 1000 views.
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