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What’s a Hacksmith?

/hak smITH/ <)))


A hacksmith is a multi-disciplined craftsman who can fashion tools, parts or even works of art out of various materials and components — items often overlooked as “garbage” or “scraps” to the untrained eye.

From the root word -smith; the artisans of the past who were turned to for making, fixing, and crafting various items, tools, and objects.


Hack of all trades, competent in many skills & abilities, master of none.


maker – tinkerer – engineer – applied scientist – tool maker – mechanic

iron man

While I’m a long-shot from being the real Tony Stark (I’m not a billionaire-inventor-playboy-philanthropist… just yet), I do love building gadgets and I really do plan on making some form of an exoskeleton suit — someday.

In the meantime I’ve created this blog as a sort of record of my inventions/innovations/gadgets that I’ve designed or built over the years.

Enjoy! Hopefully you find something that inspires you too to pull out the toolbox and start messing around!

For more information on why I do what I do, watch my TEDx talk!

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