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The Ultimate Sleeping Pod

Sleeping Pod Features_1

While most YouTubers do a simple unboxing video of mattresses in exchange for a Casper sponsorship, the Hacksmith team had a better idea. They decided to go all out and take as much sleep-assist technology — and build the ultimate sleeping chamber — designed after a futuristic apocalypse style cryo-stasis pod of course!

Sleeping Pod Features_3

Their main reasoning for building the pod? James’ obsession with time management.

In university he briefly experimented with polyphasic sleep, and successfully adopted a 4 hour sleep pattern spaced throughout the day known as the Everyman Sleep Cycle (3 hour core nap at night, plus three 20 minute naps throughout the day). This allowed him to focus on personal projects, catch up on his favorite tv shows and even play video games – all while studying engineering with over 40 hours of class per week.

Business Insider

It lasted a few months before the inconvenience of napping every 4 hours or so got to him. Now that he’s his own boss running a YouTube channel, he’s trying it again – but this time, with the convenience of an ultimate sleeping pod.

Sleeping Pod Features_2

Some of the sleeping pod’s features include:

  • Mattress sensor for recording sleep patterns
  • A Casper memory foam mattress
  • Climate control
  • Built-in pillow speakers
  • Automatic LED lighting
  • Oxygen enrichment
  • Sound-dampening foam insulation
  • Slide-rail system for compact installation
  • Weighted blanket
  • Wireless control tablet
  • External status light

The Centralized Automatic Sleeping Pod with Enhanced Revitalization (C.A.S.P.E.R.):

After the pod opens via a slide-rail system, the user can climb onto the bed and get comfortable. After lying down, the pod closes and the ultimate sleeping experience can begin. The temperature can be set to a comfortable level and the lights will fade in preparation for rest.

While the pod is soundproof and very quiet, wireless speakers built into the pillow play binaural beats which relaxes the user’s mind and encourages sleep. A weighted blanket provides gentle pressure to the body which can help produce serotonin, which naturally converts to melatonin – encouraging sleep. The addition of a biometric sensor onto the mattress ensures heart rate, breathing patterns, and motion during sleep is captured and evaluated giving the user further insight into their sleeping pattern.

By setting a smart alarm time-range, sensors in the pod can help determine when the user is in a light sleep phase, and wake accordingly to a simulated sunrise via the automated LED lighting — ensuring minimal grogginess when waking up. An oxygen enrichment system also releases a safe amount of oxygen during the wake up cycle which helps users wake up as refreshed as possible. Once awake, pressing a button opens the pod and the bed slides out.

Sleep analysis is then provided via your mobile device, or, from the pod’s built in tablet computer. Could this sleeping pod revolutionize how we sleep? Stay tuned on the Hacksmith channel to see what happens!


What would you do with an extra 4 hours per day?


EDIT: For those curious, the sleeping pod cost approximately $3,000 in materials ($1,000 in steel alone), not including the mattress or the labor to build it (a few people, 3+ weeks to build).

It’s best to use this project as inspiration as a concept, as opposed to trying to replicate it exactly. A much cheaper version could be made utilizing the same sleep tech and a regular bed (think old fashioned bed canopy style).

42 responses to “The Ultimate Sleeping Pod”

  1. Anton says:

    And what software do you use for tablet? (self writen or someting existing for smart houses?)

  2. Prusacov Andrei says:

    Can I Bu It Please ?

  3. Brian Loebach says:

    Awesome project you did there, I’m just wondering how much money you’ve spent on this project since I’d probably make a replica so it would be cool if you would publish a material list – your friendly neighborhood Brian

    • James says:

      Hmmm… Steel was about $1000, all the sleep tech was another $1000, plus the mattress, then foam was another $500… I’d say minimum $3k but likely 4-5k total not to mention labor. Wouldn’t recommend directly copying our design, just the concept =)

  4. Austin says:

    Without any sponsorships how much would the whole pod cost

  5. Damian says:

    So i cant seem where i would go to purchase it on the website and i also have another question if you could change up the pattern of sleep that it gives you?

  6. Max says:

    Did you programm Thema Apps habe yourself or are they Part of an finished Produkt? Ich Wohle love top See how they are so nicely integrated Info für Tablet. and by the way awesome Project

  7. Edward Pena says:

    I would absolutely love to acquire one of these, quite the spend of money, but i feel this is a modest new thing to introduce into human sleep, something it could use is a heat sensor, where it would detect your body’s temperature and change the temperature in the pod to fit the needs of said sleeper, another great thing it can use is something to detect brain and heart behaviors to detect if the sleeper is having a nightmare

  8. Niels Iuel says:

    Can you make a tv in there?

  9. James C. says:

    How well do you think something like this would help people who have sleep apnea? I’m asking because I have a hard time sleeping at night, and so far we have found nothing that will help. This is a great idea and I would love to try to build it. Will you be putting up more videos on this, such as how you did some of the electrical work, and possibly some of the software you used to make it?

  10. Alex G. says:

    Could you make ( or a least explain how to make) an entry level version, maybe without the oxygen and the slide out feature but a hydraulic hinged top, just to make it cheaper and easier to build? Maybe keep the lights and add a fan instead of the climate control.

  11. Daniel Gorman says:

    How could you incorporate the sound proof foam with a current mattress set up? I know you suggested a cheaper version but could you delve deeper into how this could be possible? As a university student who lives in a frat house a sound muffled sleep chamber would be great!

  12. Ethan says:

    I was just wondering how you made the tablet control everything.

  13. Natural Nerd says:


    I would like to know more about the tablet solution. How did you hook it all up, and what kind of software and hardware did you use to enable controlling the different things?

    Thank you!

  14. Dylan =) says:

    What do you use to eject to bed?

  15. steve says:

    how long is it? cause i like having leg room and the twin or full beds only go to 75 inches. and given im 6 foot 4, id need at the least 76 inches though id want my head not touching the top and my feet barely on the bed lol!

  16. Snow says:

    How do I buy a pod? And for how much?

  17. Max says:

    What it the diagram plans with the measurements of the pod

    • James says:

      We built the pod around a Twin XL mattress — depending on what you choose as a mattress will dictate how big the pod should be! Height is entirely dependent on how tall the person is!

  18. […] from TheHackSmith has created what might be the ultimate sleep hack. His impressive project involves a Casper […]

  19. please Hacksmith might be to much to ask but could you do a short vidio on your youtube channel explaining how you hooked all the electronics up in the sleeping pod/ and instead of using $1000 on steel why not try using second hand steel it would almost half the price

    • James says:

      It’s not easy to get second hand steel especially when you need specific sizes — and even if you do manage to find stuff that works, it usually takes more manual labor to make it work for you! The electronics are all very straight forward. All the products we use are smart products — you just install the app on the tablet and you’re good to go.

  20. Caillin says:

    Also, what are the Sleeping pods’ measured dimensions? (Including sliding rail)

  21. James says:

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the updates. Btw where did you get the weighted blanket? been meaning to try one for a while!

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