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Every once in a while, a fan reaches out to tell us how much we’ve inspired them from our videos. This is what keeps us going. This is why we innovate and invent — to inspire you.

inspired student

All I want to say is you are doing exactly what I’m going to be doing with my life and you have inspired me to ensure that anything is possible if you just try. Thank you!
— The Destiny Gamer

I love all your projects they inspired me to do some of my own! Keep up the great work!
— Antonio Gomez

Love your work you inspired me to become an engineer an keep geeking it up best regards!
— Ruben Berben

I hope you guys make it through, because you guys are absolutely amazing. I have been watching your videos for a few days now and you have really inspired me to create my own projects and to become an engineer when I get older. I really hope you guys make enough money to finish your projects, continue to make spectacular content, and to inspire more teenagers like myself. Keep up the awesome work 🙂
— MexicanPie 3000

You’re a true inspiration for people determined to create new projects. Thank you for your videos!
— Anonymous

hey Hacksmith dont listen to the haters man, this channel inspired me to become a mechanical engineer!!! its really amazing how you can build so much cool stuff I wish I could build it all!!!!!! keep the sponsors and everything just keep building so I can get even more inspired! thank you so much Hacksmith!! you’re the best!
— JC Mendoza

When imagination meets reality, great minds make the impossible — possible. One of them is the Hacksmith!
— Anonymous

The world needs more people like you! Inventive, determined, and insightful.
— Anonymous

Hacksmith… You’ve inspired me to make projects. Thank you so much. I’ve been subbed to you for a while. You’ve brought so much happiness to my life, I enjoy making projects and cool things just like you do. Thank you so much. You rock. Good luck, I can’t wait to see the final product.
— Harrison Janik

Man. You’re amazing at what you do, and inspire me to work harder to achieve my goals even if they seem impossible, thank you.
– Anonymous

You, the Hacksmith have inspired me so much to do more in the world. I used to look at the world with a narrow view but you have showed me what creativity and hard work can account to. You have inspired me to follow an engineering path and I will never forget you and I love everything you stand for.
— Anonymous

I want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me and many others like me who aspire to follow our dreams and showing us to take action instead of just dreaming of it. You have inspired me to create my own company who’s sole purpose is to make the world a better place and to truly believe that anything is possible. Thanks The Hacksmith.
— Titan Technologies

The Hacksmith has truly inspired me to get into engineering and watching his videos realy aided me in my exams and helped me pass when I was predicted a fail. I really believe that they are the greatest channel on YouTube and I cannot wait to see their future projects. Thanks a lot guys!
— Anonymous

Hello Hacksmith team!

For starters, it really feels wonderful to write to you guys, thinking you’ll read this message. It causes an unexplained feeling.

First, let me tell you guys how much I love your channel! I haven’t been a suscriber for very long, but ever since I’ve been, I’ve kept up to date with every single one of your videos. It’s amazing watching the channel grow, new projects being built, and the outcome of the former two. What really makes a difference, is the attitude you put into it, and not only to the projects, but to the channel, and to the fans! It is very important to always have a positive attitude and address every single situation in the most affirmative way. For that, I congratulate you all!

Second, as a 16 year-old, I find your team as an inspiration. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ll study once I’m done with high-school, but haven’t really decided. Robotics was a cool idea, but I didn’t know much about it to actually let it become my passion. Changing the subject a bit, one of my classmates and I decided to start building stuff just for the sake of having some fun. Some time before that, we used to flip classmates’ backpacks inside out as an innocent prank. However, this friend and I thought to ourselves, what if we could build some sort of hook in order to increase our effectiveness? Then we started designing and building a signature hook we built, and we are thinking about building new ones soon. It was a very fun project and I liked it very much! Coincidentally, I found your channel and loved it from the beginning. It’s what’s causing me to make up my mind about what I’ll study (engineering). I find you guys doing what I wish I could be doing right now! You can’t imagine my envy! (In a right way, worry not).

Finally, I want to say I’m glad I stumbled into your channel. It made me think differently about myself in a positive way, and provides me inspiration for my projects and my future. It must mean a lot to you guys, and I hope it does, and I hope you embrace it hard. You fought very hard in order to do what you like, and accomplished in doing so. That is one hell of an achievement. You all should be proud about the work you do, it is a unique one. I hope you fulfill all of your wishes as soon as possible, and happy new year to the team!

I die-hard fan of the channel,
— Lucas

Man, you have inspired me to take up engineering this year in school when I discovered your exo vids because I saw some of the coolest things that a person can do with engineering. Thanks for inspiring me man, and keep up the fantastic work!
— Anonymous

Your videos are amazing and you have inspired me to continue my road as an engineer.
— Anonymous

Your approach to engineering has truly been an inspiration for me. You take unbelievable things and somehow find a way to make them a reality. I come from a family that didn’t support my love for engineering, but you have actually helped inspire me to just follow my dream and do what I love. Thanks a lot Hacksmith, you’re amazing.
— Anonymous

Hey James, like hundreds of thousands of the other people here, you’ve always been one of my main inspirations for what to strive for. I always love designing and building electronics, and you never cease to amaze and inspire me more to build future technologies that will change the world! I hope to one day be like you!
— Anonymous

Everything is achievable through technology — Howard Stark. James, you’ve inspired me to study physics. Love your videos so much. Thanks!
— Anonymous

The Hacksmith is an inspiration for people to create, make the impossible happen, and just plain enjoy yourself doing it.
— Anonymous

This man is amazing. Inspired me to get into engineering, and literally where I get my most inspiration from, ever. Keep it cool man.
— Anonymous

I loved your TEDx talk! I managed to convince my physics teacher to show it in our class, and it was definitely inspiring!
— Anonymous

Let’s just say that this guy is probably one of the most inspirational inventors out there on YouTube, right up there with my other hero, Colin Furze.
— Anonymous

This guy is like the Bill Nye of working movie props.
— Anonymous

You helped inspire me to take on an engineering course and I wish you luck with all your projects!
— Anonymous

I love you man. You’re awesome and you’re one of the reasons I want to become an engineer. Keep making awesome videos!
— Anonymous

As an engineer in study, I’m really inspired by your work. Plus really impressed by the themes of nerdy stuff. Kinda made me pursue my career more but also make my own inventions!
— Anonymous

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