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Make It Real: Torbjörn’s Turret (Overwatch)

The celebrated Swedish engineer Torbjorn — from the Blizzard game Overwatch — lays low his foes in-game with the assistance of his upgrade-able turret. That has ‘Make It Real’ written all over it for Hacksmith Industries. So, what do you do when an ambitious new employee wants to build Torbjörn’s autonomous turret? You damn well let them build Torbjörn’s autonomous turret!

Spearheading the build, Bogdan managed to resurrect a broken stage gimbal that had been languishing in the corner of the shop, shrouded in unfulfilled potential for a few years. With his command of technological wizardry, swift work was made of the turret’s tech hurdles. The necessary application of fire was not forgotten during the process.

Bogdan Applying Fire

Behold!- the materialization of Bogdan’s prowess!

Make it Real: Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer (Overwatch)

Every once in a while we like to take an idea from a video game… and make a real working prototype. On this week’s episode of MAKE IT REAL we’re building Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer — and then we’re going to test it out in the most destructive way possible!

And let’s see how it does against a junkyard car!

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