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Our Finished Projects

Make it Real: Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer

Have you played Overwatch yet? Check out how we made a real working Rocket Hammer with Real Rockets, just like Reinhardt’s in the game.

Build Video

Test Video

Make it Real: Captain America’s Shield

Have you seen the the Avengers yet? Or ever wonder what or how Captain America’s shield works?
Check out how we made a real working shield just like in the movie using electromagnets that will come back to your arm!

Build Video

Test Video

Make it Real: Batman Gadgets

Batman has always been one of DC Comic’s most infamous character’s. Check out how we made some of his most iconic gadgets and more!

Laser Powered Bat Signal

Batman’s Batarangs

Batman’s Grappling Hook Gun

Batman’s Rappelling Hook

Batman’s Tumbler

Make it Real: Iron Man 

Just like he does in the movies and comics; check out how we plan to fly just like Iron Man. Watch how we execute and build the multiple parts to the very suit itself to help me completely assume the identity of Tony Stark himself.

Iron Man Rocket Launcher

Iron Man Suit

Flying like Iron Man

Make it Real: Boosted Snow board

Ever wonder how you could snowboard on flat snow? Check out how we did exactly that using EDF’s and a snowboard.

Build Video

Test Video

Make it Real: Elysium Exoskeleton

Inspired by the movie Elysium, watch how we build a pneumatic exoskeleton. With hopes to give me superior strength, just like in the movie!


Make it Real: Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Swords

Real working and fully functional de-attachable blades. Equip with release triggers within the handles. Just as seen in the popular anime Attack on Titan.

Build Video

Test Video

Make it Real: Psylocke’s Psionic Sword

X-Men’s Psylocke’s working Psionic sword. Check out how we created this femme fatal’s iconic weapon.

Full Video

Collaborations with other YouTubers!

Our very first collaboration was with EverythingApplePro — a channel ten-times our size at the time! They had us destroy an iPhone 6 with over 3000A of electricity! Eric from MkME Lab came for a tour of our workshop, and we’ve even met Colin Furze and James Bruton from XRobots during a trip to England. Then, shortly after getting back we had both Eli from ZNA Productions and Omarisuf come down to for a visit where we built a Rocket Hammer and smashed a piano, as well as Jairus of All, who showed us his awesome Iron Man Rocket Launcher!

Who should we collaborate with next? Let us know!

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