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We took a Nerf Longstrike… and turned it into a Plasma Rifle from Mass effect.

A plasma rifle is not an easy task but the Hacksmith team took it a step further and did it as a One Day Build. This build was part of their Make it Real YouTube series where they take fictional ideas from comics, movies, and video games and make real working prototypes!

So how do you build a plasma rifle anyways? Well, it doesn’t actually shoot plasma. But that is alright because what it does shoot is just as cool; red hot ferrocerium which explodes on impact into a cloud of sparkling shrapnel in excess of 3000 degrees Celcius (5430 F)!

So how does a mad scientist go about superheating a combustible ferrous compound then shoot it without blowing themselves up? It’s quite simple really. Just make an air gun that shoots a custom over the barrel ferrocerium dart, heat the ferrocerium with a 1000W induction coil until it is glowing red hot and then shoot. The only problem is that if you let it get too hot, it will explode in your face which the Hacksmith experienced first hand.

The Hacksmith team is planning a big test video to really see how much damage their Mass Effect Plasma Gun can do. I can’t wait to see what they blow up in their tests.

Parts list:

Building Steps

  1. Take a nerf gun, gut it, paint it, and throw a mass effect logo on it
  2. Make a custom over the barrel pneumatic gun.
  3. Put air gun in gutted nerf gun
  4. Use a string from the nerf trigger to trip the quick release valve
  5. Mount an induction heater on the end of the nerf gun
  6. Slap some batteries on to power the induction coil
  7. Mill a custom aluminum dart with a Tormach PCNC 440
  8. Add some ferrocerium onto the end of the dart
  9. Use the induction coil to heat the ferrocerium
  10. Shoot and watch the awesome sparking light show.

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