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Make It Real: Torbjörn’s Turret (Overwatch)

The celebrated Swedish engineer Torbjorn — from the Blizzard game Overwatch — lays low his foes in-game with the assistance of his upgrade-able turret. That has ‘Make It Real’ written all over it for Hacksmith Industries. So, what do you do when an ambitious new employee wants to build Torbjörn’s autonomous turret? You damn well let them build Torbjörn’s autonomous turret!

Spearheading the build, Bogdan managed to resurrect a broken stage gimbal that had been languishing in the corner of the shop, shrouded in unfulfilled potential for a few years. With his command of technological wizardry, swift work was made of the turret’s tech hurdles. The necessary application of fire was not forgotten during the process.

Bogdan Applying Fire

Behold!- the materialization of Bogdan’s prowess!

The turret’s manual mode takes advantage of an FPV setup and laser sight so you can make…. specific targeting choices. If that sounds like too much work, the automated targeting mode uses a Pixy camera that tracks a target colour with fearsome accuracy; right now it’s tracking blue, but that’ll likely change on a weekly(or daily — who knows?!) basis to keep the staff on their toes as they enter the shop. Constant vigilance is a fundamental quality James and Ian demand of their employees!

Two beefy 24V D/C motors, using huge chains, turn and pitch the turret’s paintball gun which is held in place with 3D printed mounts. One could — in theory — ride this turret as it spins about, though at present that’s ill-advised considering its power. All the electronic components were supplied by Digi-Key, the cosmetic additions — installed using Hacksmith movie magic — were made from molded and painted foam, and clever use of the laser cutter helped round out a homage to the Torbjörn’s original.

Stay tuned for the demonstration video where we show off just what this thing is capable of!

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