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Make it Real: Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer (Overwatch)

Every once in a while we like to take an idea from a video game… and make a real working prototype. On this week’s episode of MAKE IT REAL we’re building Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer — and then we’re going to test it out in the most destructive way possible!

And let’s see how it does against a junkyard car!

The hammer was made out of cold rolled steel. Plasma cut to shape, grinded, and then welded and painted. It took about 15 hours in total to build. The rockets we’re using are G-Class rockets that produce around 30lbs of thrust. They are the largest rocket you can buy without a rocketry license!

The hammer weighs about 50lbs and with the handle fully extended measures 4′ — it’s pretty hard to wield!

We also smashed up a broken Organ pretty good. Omar Isuf, a fitness YouTuber from Toronto came down to help swing the hammer:

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