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Work for us!

As our channel continues to expand we will be hiring talented individuals to assist us in our mission to turn fiction into reality. Our current openings are:

Graphic Designer / Web Developer

Mechatronics Engineer – Jr. Hacksmith

Video Editor / Social Media Specialist

We are always looking for bright minded engineers, designers and software gurus. If you happen to be local to us, send your resume to us and we’ll keep it on file for when we start looking for new members of the team! Unfortunately we cannot accept international applications at this time — work visas are just a bit too tricky for us while we’re this small of a company.

Help Fund Our Projects!

The best way you can help out is by supporting the channel. We have a Patreon page with lots of great perks if you help sponsor the channel on a monthly basis. Access behind the scenes content, see videos before the public, and gain access to our private Discord chat room! Check it out!


If you don’t want to commit to a monthly donation, please consider donating to the channel via PayPal with the button to the right — the more funding we receive, the bigger and better projects we can complete! We also run GoFundMe campaigns for specific projects every once in a while. We’re currently running a campaign to build a suit to Fly Like Iron Man — take a look!

If you can’t support the channel financially, don’t worry! We’ve all been there. But there’s lots you can do to still help!

Be Social!

The bigger our channel gets, the bigger and better projects we can do. When we upload a video, leave a comment, give us a like, and share on social media!


YouTube shares videos that have the most views, comments, likes, and shares. You can help our videos go viral! Have a blog? Consider writing an article about one of our projects and linking our video — it’s great for search engine optimization (SEO)! Share our videos on Reddit, make a GIF from one of our videos and share on Imgur with a link to our channel, or even reblog us! There’s lots of things that you can do that helps the channel even more than money!

You can also help us out by watching a few ads on an app called Tad! Basically, if you visit this link http://givetad.com/TheHacksmith you can download the Tad app and watch a few high quality ads (they’re actually good!) and Tad pays us money! In fact — Tad pays on average 30x more than YouTube does for you to watch an ad! They also now support viewing Tad apps on your PC in a web browser as well — and with this way, you can send us a note when you donate your time! https://www.gettad.com/thehacksmith/?SQF_CREATOR=TheHacksmith

Send us Stuff!

You are welcome to send products, parts, materials, fan mail, donations, or anything else you think could be helpful, interesting or funny to the following address:

the Hacksmith
PO Box 23042
537 Frederick Street
Kitchener, Ontario, N2B1L0

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