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How Fast Does a 21HP Jet Powered Snowboard Go?


After playing around with EDFs (electric ducted fans) for the Iron Man Flight project, the Hacksmith has already tested using EDFs for propulsion on both a bicycle, and a longboard!

With winter well underway, he’s successfully implemented the EDFs onto a snowboard, for high speed fun in the powder. Capable of speeds of over 40km/h, it can even go up slight inclines, though gathering momentum first certainly helps.

After producing the first build video, a local Ski Resort (Glenn Eden) actually invited the team to their slope and closed off a run to test out the snowboard. It worked exactly as expected. Ridiculously difficult to control, balance, and steer – but the test pilots managed to get some good footage of the jet powered snowboard in action.

For any other questions about the project, please email contact@thehacksmith.com


  • 2x 120mm EDF from Hobby King, 8000W input power, 8Kg Thrust (Equivalent to 10.5HP per motor)
  • 8x 6200maH 6s Lithium Polymer Batteries (22.2V each)
  • System voltage 44.4V
  • Battery life… 5 minutes
  • 3D printed brackets

Welded steel frame

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