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First off, watch my TEDx talk — it’ll likely answer most of the questions you have about me:

Secondly — my one year on YouTube recap video, as it describes exactly how I got to where I am today!

Still have questions? The following are some of the most common questions I get asked on my YouTube channel, so please take a look here and if you still have a question, send me an email directly!

I want to be like you! How did you learn to do all this stuff?

I learned by doing. I’m almost completely self-taught and you can be too! I have always been interested in technology and started hacking from a young age; taking things apart, trying to fix things, trying to build things, following diy tutorials, reading tech articles etc. I don’t know everything, every project I do, I learn something new.

I also have a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Systems Engineering from Conestoga College.

How can I learn to do the stuff you do? Where should I start? What tools do I need?

The best way to learn is by doing! It doesn’t matter what you do so long as you start doing something.

  • Take things apart and put them back together
  • Try to fix something broken. If you fail, who cares… it was broken!
  • Build something
  • Follow a DIY tutorial
  • Read tech related articles such as hackaday
  • etc

The best way to start is with someone else’s tools and supplies. If you are in school, join a tech club. I did robotics competitions in high school and then just continued working on more projects.

I can’t tell you what tools you need or what you need to learn because everyone’s passions are different. Just experiment and find what is right for you and you will learn a long the way what resources you need.

As for buying tools and supplies, Kijiji / Craigslist is one of the best places. Take your time and find the deals. There are many deals to be had if you are diligent and patient. I once got an entire storage locker full of tools (and a lot of garbage) for free. If you are just starting out, try searching for tool lots to get bulk discounts. If it isn’t on Kijiji, watch for sales. I rarely buy tools for full price. Don’t be afraid of doing some dumpster diving for materials; can’t beat the price.

As for space, use what you have and grow it when you can. I started with a 30 sqft room in my parents basement. Once I moved out, I used my spare room and kitchen as my workshop. After that I rented a house with a small garage and after that I bought a house with a large garage. The growth has been exponential and I can’t wait to find out what I will get next!

What did you study in school?

I studied Mechanical Systems Engineering at Conestoga College and received a Bachelors of Engineering. It was a co-op program and I’ve had years of work experience at a machine shop, an automation facility as a mechanical designer, and even as a product developer at a tech company.

This is how I usually spent a typical day at school during my engineering degree… Sometimes even caffeine wasn’t enough.

Looks fun, huh?

I was actually a lot of fun! I would strongly recommend Engineering to anyone. Take a co-op program; it is worth it.

If you quit your job, how do you make a living now?

I quit my job to focus on YouTube and backyard creations full-time. The following is what I am living off of:

  • YouTube ad revenue
  • Patreon 
  • Etsy
  • Sponsorship
  • Personal savings… dwindling personal savings

I am not making a profit yet but I am getting there. If you want to help here is what you can do:

  • Subscribe and watch my videos! I get paid ~ $1 for every 1000 views.
  • Tell your friends and family to subscribe and watch my videos!
  • Buy something from my Etsy Store.
  • Contribute to my Patreon campaign.
  • No money? No problem! Download the TAD app and watch cool ads (seriously!) and I get paid! This pays up to $35 for every 1000 views, which is 35X more than YouTube pays!

How can I help?

  • Contribute to my Patreon campaign. Every dollar counts but if you cannot afford it then stick with the next option.
  • The easiest way is to watch, like and share my videos. Don’t forget about facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Comment on the videos. I get a lot of inspiration from fans!
  • No money? No problem! Download the TAD app and watch cool ads (seriously!) and I get paid! This pays up to $35 for every 1000 views, which is 35X more than YouTube pays!
  • You can also send me something. I’m not sure what you would send but if you think it would be useful, interesting, of funny, send it over.

the Hacksmith
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How do I build an exoskeleton?

This is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions, and with good reason! I do build exoskeletons after all! The problem is, most people start off their question with something like this…

Can you give me a parts list for your exoskeleton?
Can you give me the blueprints for your exoskeleton?
Can you teach me how to make your exoskeleton?
If your asking the question like that — you probably shouldn’t be building an exoskeleton.

Let me clarify. Building exoskeletons is not for the faint of heart. It’s an expensive and time consuming endeavor — and if you do it wrong, can be pretty dangerous! I myself have been making things for over a decade, and even went to school for engineering. If you’ve never made anything before, or used power tools and manufacturing equipment, an exoskeleton is probably not a good first project.

If you still want to try making your own exoskeleton, then you should take out a notebook and re-watch all my exoskeleton videos on YouTube. There’s more than enough information to be able to recreate exactly what I’ve made — and several people have already even done it!

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