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Electric Car Conversion

A few years ago my friend and I converted a 1993 Honda Del Sol to pure-electric. You can see the full blog I did on it here: http://delsolectric.wordpress.com/ but I’ve summarized the conversion for you right here!

Started with an old beat up 1993 Honda Del Sol – could use a bit of work…

Ripped the engine and transmission out
Cleaned out the engine compartment and gave it a new coat of paint
Fixed up a dent from a forklift backing up into the poor car
Cleaned up the transmission and put it back in the car
After sending out a few emails, Advantage Forklift LTD contacted us and donated this Clark forklift for the project!
We spent the rest of the day salvaging the parts from it
At the machineshop we created a spline adapter and adapter plate for the transmission to connect to the motor!
Getting ready to attach it all
Attaching the motor!
She runs!
Since we lost the engine and source of heat, we macgyver’d a kettle element to heat coolant in the heater coil!
It works!
Conestoga College donated to us 10 old batteries to try using!
Hooked them up in the trunk with the battery chargers
Attached the speed controller
Configured the speed controller via the serial input
Rapid prototyped the accelerator pedal (used to spin a potentiometer)
Kinda hard to see, but this is it attached to the gas pedal
Took it for its first test drive where we hit 80km/h!
 First test drive:

 Second test drive!

So what happened next? Sadly, the car got tarped up in the back yard for well over a year while we moved to Germany to study abroad. After that we never found the money to purchase new batteries to actually make the vehicle viable to drive around (the used pack just didn’t cut it). Fast forward today, car is getting scrapped. We’ve salvaged the parts though and we’re thinking about making an ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE! Much easier to do, could be used as a track bike, and it doesn’t take up space in the backyard!

Again if you want to see more detailed info about the conversion, check out the blog at http://delsolectric.wordpress.com/ ! Otherwise, leave a comment!

4 responses to “Electric Car Conversion”

  1. Happy to see your success story but don't worry you will get those new batteries in the future and can get it done.

  2. Ramzan Ali says:

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  3. vinyl wrap says:

    You did a great job. Try to keep it up. have to say, the thing that really got me interested in electric powered cars was the Tesla Roadster.

  4. Emly Cameron says:

    It's completely unbelievable. You guys turn a Honda Del Sol into an electric one! Really great! The future of auto industry is to produce cars with less harmful effects for the environment. Electric, hybrid, solar, fuel cell cars are the upcoming cars that going to rule the auto industry soon. Though these are with advanced featured hence maintenance should be of that level. Anyways, advancement doesn't matter but every simple car too needs good servicing for better maintenance. European body shop Dallas. Your videos are really awesome and setting an example for all to try doing something extraordinary. I appreciate.

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