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Current Projects

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Are you still working on this project?” and while we’ve completed well over 25 full projects, there’s still a handful of projects that are still ongoing or on hold.

Unfortunately, it’s usually not just as simple as “working on that project” or “focusing on just one project” — usually the reason a project isn’t finished is due to financial reasons or difficulty in the engineering itself. Sometimes the projects are too ambitious even for us and we need to wait for the technology to catch up, or for the right equipment (or sponsor!) to make the part.

ONGOING PROJECTS: Projects we are actively working on.

  • Zarya’s Laser Bazooka
    Time consuming. Lots of 3D printing and sanding. Hoping for an update soon.
  • Real Working Lightsaber
    Semi-on hold as we re-evaluate material choices. Aiming for completion before the next movie.
  • Batman Baja
    Update very soon!

ON HOLD: Projects we would like to finish but are temporarily stuck.

  • Flying Like Iron Man
    No funding. Still attempting to find sponsors. If you’re interested in supporting the project so we can work on it, visit www.gofundme.com/thehacksmith
  • Torjborn Turret
    Paintball gun broke. Tried to find paintball gun sponsor for two new rapid fire guns. No luck so far.
  • Exoskeleton MK3
    Legs done — need the arms next. Time / Resource issue resulting it being on hold.
  • Electromagnet Wall Climbers
    I dislocated my shoulder testing Starlord’s jetpack so we can’t do the test until I’m fully healed! We also had a hard time finding a thick steel wall…

CANCELLED / ENDED: Projects that have either been finished or cancelled.

  • Exoskeleton MK1
    The original upper body exoskeleton was a proof of concept and completed. Never intended to add anything more to it.
  • Exoskeleton MK2
    Only a design. Cancelled due to cost of manufacture.
  • Shop Robot
    Too expensive and time consuming to fix. Being turned into a statue outside the garage.

PLANNED PROJECTS: We have so many ideas but so little time! Here are some of the projects we are planning on completing but have no timeline yet.

  • DOOMFIST from Overwatch
  • Mei’s Ice gun from Overwatch
  • Daredevil’s Billy Club + Grappling hook
  • Just Cause grappling hook
  • Green Arrow trick arrows
  • Aliens style Powerloader exoskeleton
  • Hoverbike
  • Spiderman webshooters
  • Whip-sword
  • Jet powered surfboard
  • Cyclops laser goggles
  • X-23 Claws

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