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Make it Real: Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer (Overwatch)

Every once in a while we like to take an idea from a video game… and make a real working prototype. On this week’s episode of MAKE IT REAL we’re building Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer — and then we’re going to test it out in the most destructive way possible!

And let’s see how it does against a junkyard car!

The Hacksmith speaks at TEDxKC!

I recently had the opportunity to give a TEDx talk in Kansas City, completing a life goal of mine in the process!

TEDxKC is one of the largest TEDx events in the world, and the biggest in the USA — it’s almost as large as most full TED events!

Below is the transcript of my speech if you’re interested in reading instead of watching:

Help Design Hacksmith Industries Contest

Hey guys!

We’re going to be running a design competition for the new location of Hacksmith Industries! It’s a big space, meaning we have lots of options of what we want to do with it…


First of all, bookmark this page. This post will be updated as more details come out!
The garage, as you know is a 1300sqft facility. 50′ deep, 26′ wide, 16′ tall. I’ve begun modeling it in Solidworks and will be uploading a generic 3D file of the building — so if you like CAD, you can start throwing in your own layouts of everything!

If you don’t have CAD, then I will be taking pictures of the garage, and you can submit sketches, photo shop stuff, or even just send in ideas! 


So why should you help? Well, besides getting to design something really really freaking cool, if your ideas are chosen, your name will be immortalized on a laser engraved plaque in the garage for all time to come. We will be giving away t-shirts as well, some laser engraved swag, and ThruNite will even be giving out some flashlights!
We’re also having a contest to name the new building — submit your ideas here!

2015 — The Year of The Hacksmith

Boy what a year it has been! I got a new job, moved back to my home town, and for the first time in my life — I had my very own garage which helped allow many of my projects come to fruition!

I worked on some really cool projects, and did some really cool things. My exoskeleton project went somewhat viral, I started work on a really cool electric dune buggy, I gave a motivational speech to the students at my old high school, and I was even a semi-finalist in the Boca Bearings 2014 Innovation Competition! Oh and I was featured on the Daily Planet — my favorite science TV show on the Discovery Channel!!!

Not to mention being on the front page of the local newspaper, and both local and national TV news stations!

I might even consider it one of my best years ever — but 2015 is going to be amazing.

Why? Let’s break it down into a few categories…

Hacksmith Industries

As you all know in my most recent video, I just bought a property with a HUGE shop.
26′ wide, 50′ deep, 20′ ceilings. The Home of Hacksmith Industries
This place is amazing. And I plan on doing some amazing stuff in it. Give me 6 months with it and I’ll have it looking like a cross between Tony Stark’s basement, the Batcave, and Arrow HQ. 
But what does this really mean for my business?
  • New (big!!!) equipment — CNC machines, plasma cutters, large format 3D printers…
  • Bigger projects — The dune buggy will be a relatively small one in comparison…
  • Space to expand
  • Exoskeleton development for medical applications
  • I might even open it up to the community as a kind of hackerspace once everything is set up, for even bigger group projects!
We don’t have the place until the end of January, but that hasn’t stopped us from starting to design the interior!


I’ve recently partnered up with Defy Media, the folks behind BREAK, SMOSH, The Escapist and AWEme (Man At Arms). They’ll be helping me to expand my channel even more, and by the end of the year we plan on breaking 1,000,000 subscribers. How are we going to do that?
We’re talking more videos, better quality videos — I might even hire some help! We’ll be continuing the series you all know and love like: 
  • Make it Real (with plans for a Halo Energy sword, a grappling hook crossbow, a working Batman cape, metal melting gloves from G.I. Joe, and more!) 
  • Will it Laser
  • Exoskeleton build logs (both Edge of Tomorrow and Crysis)
And we’ll see about bringing back Hack a Minute, as well as introducing a few new series including:
  • From Scraps to Success — Following the transformation of an empty warehouse into a state-of-the-art research facility known as Hacksmith Industries — without real funding. We’re talking Junk Yard wars style salvaging to produce some really cool stuff for the facility.
  • Hacksmith Approved — Product reviews you can trust
I might even consider going back to my roots and starting another channel, bringing back fitness and flip tutorials, which some of my original subscribers will remember! Working name is Super Hero Workouts — because let’s be honest, the new garage is going to have a training ground in it. 
We’re also going to launch a web store where you can buy cool Hacksmith swag to help support the channel — and once we have swag, we’ll be doing some giveaways too!

Stuff Lasered 

To help raise some funding for all these projects and ideas, we’ve decided to expand Will it Laser to include a web store called Stufflasered.com, where you can buy cool personalized stuff made with our very own laser to help the channel! 
As a bonus, we’ll also be doing laser giveaways! Free stuff!


While we haven’t been doing too much extra for our awesome Patrons on Patreon, we’ll be setting up a private discussion group where if you are a Patron, you’ll be able to talk to me, the Hacksmith, one-on-one, and vote on what projects we work on next! 


Finally, what’s a new year resolution without some personal goals too?!
  • Give more speeches/keynotes, I already have a few set up!
  • The classic fitness goal — If I plan on being a vigilante someday, I’m going to have to put on some mass! Ideally I’d like to hit around 150-160lbs (currently 140lbs). 
  • Design a product that will help people improve the quality of their lives.
  • Make Hacksmith Industries into a full-time job


Finally I have some rather exciting news about a potential documentary I might be in! One of my YouTube subscribers has muscular atrophy, which means he’s stuck in a wheelchair, but has high hopes of technology giving him new found abilities. His name is QDragon and he’s actually a pretty active YouTuber himself, who regularly posts vlogs about his thoughts and research of technology.
He’s working with David Hewlett to produce a documentary about his journey of becoming a cyborg (so to speak). David is a rather famous actor and producer who you might remember from his long-running role as Doctor Rodney Mckay on Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. It turns out David is actually quite local to me, and both Q and he are excited to include me in the project where I will help create some medical exoskeleton style devices that will help Q lead a more normal life. 
I think that just about sums it up. As you can see, 2015 may just very well be the start of a very exciting future. 
Who wants to see Hacksmith Industries become a real-life version of Stark Industries and actually make a difference in this world?

I do.


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