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Catching Real Lightning with Thor’s Hammer!

Catching lightning with Thor's Hammer

“I have got to be the first person to have ever called real lightning to Thor’s Hammer!”

In our latest attempt to Make it Real we traveled down to Dallas, Texas to visit Applied Tesla Technology — the manufacturers of some of the world’s LARGEST tesla coils. We brought with us a replica Mjolnir (also known as Thor’s Hammer) as well as a Captain America shield to attempt to recreate a few scenes from the Marvel Movies, such as Avengers, and Thor.

The Tesla Coil produces an astonishing 20′ long electrical arc — enough to kill a person almost instantaneously. Watch the video below to see how we did it!

Make It Real Web Series: Hacksmith Entertainment LTD. produces a web series called Make it Real. The goal of the show is to recreate fictional technology from movies, comics, and even video games. But instead of using CGI, the team makes real working prototypes using their engineering backgrounds. Other projects include Batman’s Grappling Hook Gun, Wolverine Claws, Zarya’s Particle Cannon & Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer from the game Overwatch, Flying Like Iron Man, the Red Hot Rebar Crossbow from Half Life 2, Spiderman Wall Climbing gloves, the Umbrella Gun from Kingsman, Starlord’s Jetpack from Guardians of the Galaxy, a Plasma Rifle from Mass Effect and Captain America’s Shield among many others.

The series can be watched on YouTube without a YouTube Red subscription (currently in Season 5, 2017): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbncXbXlaNQenti4JF4-WgCOU2JsMVkrj

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