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Captain America’s Wakandan Shield is INDESTRUCTIBLE


Just under two years ago the Hacksmith released what would become the most watched video on the channel, Captain America’s electromagnetic shield.

Now sitting at over ten million views and the arrival of the much anticipated Infinity War, it was time for Hacksmith to return  and one up the channel’s most viewed project.   A lot has changed at Hacksmith since the original Captain America video (if you follow the channel closely you know all about it), new toys and resources means that just like the MCU everything this time round needed to be bigger and better. The project started over a month ago involving dozens of hours of CAD design, machining, testing, filming etc… and the result was… incredible (watch the video yourself to find out!).

Testing both the offensive and defensive capabilities of the shield, this is perhaps one of the most in depth test videos we have produced here at Hacksmith. From the traditional cinder block to roaring flames — Cap’s new shield is put to the ultimate test and if you are one of the hundreds of millions of people who have seen Infinity War and didn’t get your fill of Cap kicking names and taking ass then this is the video for you!

Now with more screen-time than Chris Evans!

Got more questions? Never fear, we made a QA video as well!

The number one question we get asked is how much did it cost to make! Well… It certainly wasn’t cheap. The parts alone (not including the metal or laser cutting was over $650 USD!


Laser cutting steel was another $250, powder coating, a couple hundred, add on the 100+ man hours… and well you’ve got yourself a shield that cost over $2000 to make!

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