Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Electrified High-Voltage Wolverine Claws



It's pretty awesome, that's why.

So after Hack A Day picked up my post on this, it kind of snowballed onto all major nerdy news sites!

Gizmodo... NeatoramaUproxx, TechnabobGEEK.com, GeekologieRobotmutant, Comicbastards, and even CNET of all places!

It's all kind of funny, because the real impressive video is the one where I actually make them from scratch... making sparks was easy after that.

I particularly like this quote:

"YouTuber and polite Canadian Master James has hacked together just such an instrument of death. The claws themselves were a custom job he worked on long before the notion of electrifying them ever came to mind."


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