Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3D printed shower bracket

Here's a good example on how my 3D printer is saving me money! I printed a shower head bracket -- Home Depot charges almost $30 for these things!

Ta da!
It was pretty quick to make too...
First I found a similar bracket on Thingiverse (just to speed things up) and modified it to fit my handle:

I modified the opening, and added the angled bevel with slots to help with glue adhesion
Some trusty caulking

Fill in the slots (to increase surface area)

Wait 36 hours...
Hopefully the kwik seal sticks!


  1. Out of curiosity, how much money in materials would this have been?

    1. Forgot to weigh it when I was done, but it's about $0.04/g -- which is already inflated, it's becoming easier to get plastic for more like $0.01/g.

      The bracket is hollow so I'm guessing it was maybe 50g or so, so $2 of plastic.